Welcome to Mile Hi Water

It’s the beginning of a beautiful day. A majestic sunrise, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a hot, relaxing shower. The steam from the water mixes with the aromatic shampoo and when you are fully soaped up, the running water stops.

It’s Friday afternoon and you are preparing for a wonderful dinner party with 10 of your best friends. The food is prepared perfectly, the candles are lit, and soft music feels the air. You start to do the final cleanup before the party and your water runs out.

These are wonderful moments turn into nightmares. Running out of water is a reality to people who are not on city municipal systems and the problems always seem to occur at the worst moments. Mile Hi Water is here to help. We know that when these situations happen it can be very stressful and we are here for you.

Mile Hi buys water from city municipal water sources and delivers to businesses, schools and to individuals to assist in various needs for water use. Weak well production, adding additional water to cisterns when we have visitors and family stay with us, diluting the high mineral content of some well water thus saving wear and tear on faucets and shower heads, watering around the house for the avid gardeners, lowering the fire danger without draining the aquifer, filling hot tubs and pools, or help with dust control are all great reasons to use Mile Hi Water.

If you would like to call and have water delivery for one occasion or work out a regular schedule, we are very flexible and can accommodate your needs. We are here to eliminate any stress when it comes to water so you can get back to spending quality time with your loved ones and life in general.